Community Engagement: Detailed Progress to Date

  • UC Davis held five separate "Strengthening Campus Community" forums. The two-hour forums were designed to identify strengths of the university and areas for improvement, including identification of potentially controversial or troubling issues that could lead to demonstrations or civil disobedience. The forums were held at different times and at different locations in an attempt to boost student participation. The entire campus community was invited to take part. A trained facilitator moderated each forum and invited input. Results from the forum were compiled and presented to the administration for consideration. Each of the forums was widely publicized in news stories in the campus newspaper, ads in the student paper, and on the campus website.
  • Principles of Community on-line training is currently being finalized.
  • UC Davis formed an Engagement Team (ET) comprised of three individuals, each with advanced training in group processes, dispute and conflict resolution, and negotiations.  These individuals may meet with protestors individually or in teams to communicate alternative means of communications and resolutions to issues. The ET engages with potential leaders, contacts members of specific organizations, performs extensive outreach to club members and individuals associated with certain groups and engages through a broad range of methods that includes individual meetings and social and campus media.
  • In addition to more conventional means of updates (posting on the campus webpage – press advisories - emails – etc.), the campus relies on decisions made by the Event & Crisis Management Team (ECMT) and the Emergency Manager to utilize the WarnMe system for issuing messages associated with potential immediate and life safety concerns.  WarnMe gives the campus the ability to deliver timely and rapid messages to the entire university community.